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Justine Martin

Author | Illustrator

Justine Martin is the visionary behind this extraordinary anthology MS Book “Whispers of Resilience; Our MS Stories”. She is the Founder/CEO of the Justine Martin Corporation (JMC), a conglomerate comprising six successful businesses: Juzt art, Resilience Mindset, Van-Go Decals, Morpheus Publishing, Team Fingerprint, and Geelong Residential Cleaners.

An accomplished and award-winning artist, keynote speaker, resilience coach, author, and podcast host, Justine embarked on her entrepreneurial journey a decade ago with the establishment of Juzt art. 

Despite facing significant health challenges, including a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis twelve years ago, as well as three heart surgeries and battling three primary cancers, Justine's unwavering spirit and resolve kept her focused on building her businesses. Doctors told her she would never work again, but she proved them wrong by crafting a purposeful and driven life.

Using her art as therapy, Justine's passion for painting grew, resulting in numerous awards and recognition. She channeled her own journey of resilience into the birth of Resilience Mindset, where she coaches, hosts a resilience podcast series, has co-authored a number of books and delivers inspirational keynotes on resilience.

Expanding her literary endeavors, Justine launched Morpheus Publishing in July 2022, facilitating her dream of writing and publishing resilience and self-help books, including her first children's book, "Same Same But Different." Additionally, Morpheus Publishing has proudly brought to life this book - the anthology "MS Book, Our Stories" a collaborative effort with 26 authors living with MS.

As a finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion Awards and continuously being recognised as a woman to watch, Justine's impact on her industries and the lives she touches remains an inspiration to all.


Justine's dedication and outstanding performance across her businesses have garnered national recognition with seven prestigious awards in 2021 and 2022. Her contributions to coaching and creativity were acknowledged at the national AusMumpreneur Awards and Roar Awards, among others. As a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and continuously being recognized as a woman to watch, Justine's impact on her industries and the lives she touches remains an inspiration to all.




Justine’s first children’s book in the series titled; Finding Hope, written and illustrated by Justine.

In collaboration with Rivers Gift – Australia’s solely SIDS-focused charity – Morpheus Publishing proudly launches its latest book "Finding Hope". Renowned children's book author and illustrator, Justine Martin, showcases her captivating storytelling and hand-painted illustrations in Finding Hope. Known for her dedication to creating each character and their personality, Justine's work not only entertains but also supports the charity's mission and raises awareness for SIDS.

Justine Martin is a renowned children's book author and illustrator, celebrated for her dual talents as an award-winning artist and bestselling author. With seven highly regarded books to her name, including Amazon Best Sellers, Justine is recognised for her captivating storytelling and hand-painted illustrations – spending hours to create each character and their personality.

‘Finding Hope’ welcomes a special appearance by ‘Pansy the Dachshund’, the beloved character from Justine's initial children's book 'Same Same But Different'. Additionally, the mascot of popular children's band Mik Maks, Drums the Panda, makes a memorable visit. In ‘Finding Hope’, Justine crafts a narrative that encourages children to embrace optimism and resilience when confronting adversity. Her enchanting illustrations breathe life into the story, while her heartfelt storyline resonates with readers of all ages, touching their hearts with its sincerity … all whilst searching for hope.

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Justine’s first children’s book in the series titled; Same Same But Different, written and illustrated by Justine.

“The story follows the daily perils of Justine’s dachshund, Pansy, as she navigates her journey meeting all different animals along the way. The book explains inclusion and diversity to children in an easy format.”

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Whispers of Resilience: Our MS Stories brings together 26 poignant tales from Australia, each sharing a unique journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Through personal accounts, the book unravels the intricate realities of MS, giving a human touch to the condition. Each story becomes a beacon of resilience, contributing to an inspiring collective portrait of hope and fortitude. The authors hail from diverse backgrounds, transforming their shared condition into a wellspring of courage. These resilient voices convey a powerful message: "We are more than our diagnosis." Inviting readers into their world, they reveal not just the challenges of MS, but also the extraordinary strength and resilience it invokes. In the Pages of this book, you'll find stories of courage, resilience and hope from individuals touched by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As we delve into the lives of these brave souls, we are reminded of the immense challenges that MS presents and the impact it has on those living with the condition, and their loved ones it is with a profound sense of purpose that we have chosen to give back to the MS community. With every copy, sold 25% of the proceeds will be dedicated to MS research. Our commitment is to fold to raise awareness about a mess, and its far-reaching effects and to contribute to the scientific advancements that one day lead us to a cure!

MS is a disease that can strike at any stage of life. Its symptoms are unpredictable, and diverse from numbers and tingling to fatigue and mobility issues. The challenges faced by those with MS are varied as the people themselves. It affects their ability to work study, and engage in everyday activities, taking a toll on physical, emotional and mental well-being. Our collective efforts matter by purchasing this book, you become a part of something bigger, a community of compassion and determination together we can make strides in MS research, supporting the scientist and clinicians tightly working to improve the lives of those affected by this condition join us on this journey, a journey of giving back spreading awareness and inspiring changes. Together we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those living with MS and their families.  

Featuring Authors: Emma Archer,  Diane Barclay,  Leanne Boothroyd,  Allyson Brown,  Amanda Campbell,  Don Campillie,  Angharad Candlin,  Nina Crumpton,  Lillian Cuba, Colleen Daniels,  Laura Di Lulio,  Kim Eagle,  Jayne England,  Penelope Gemmell, Candice Graham,  Robyn Hart,  Justine Martin,  Stacey Metcalf,  Elizabeth Nea,l  Kristi Paschalidis,  Clare Reilly,  Tanya Rountree,  Kerrie Sculac, Lachlan Terry,  John Van De Putt, Beth Wurcker.

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This book is a collection of inspirational stories combined with practical tools, tips and advice written by 24 Australian women in business.

This book gives back and proceeds from the sale of this book go to providing scholarships to The Women's Business School for female founders.

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These nine courageous women have gone out their way to tell it like it is. Prepare to be shocked, to cry, to admire their bravery. Prepare to shake your head in disbelief. Whatever you reaction, know that these women are no longer prepared to cork it, sit still and look pretty. Prepare to hear them...ROAR.

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Our recovery tells the story of our innate strength and our resilience.

Our ability to stand back up when the world is against us is how we fiercely roar.

How we rise and grow, whilst faced with adversity inspires wisdom and passion.

Walking our truth, living a life that others say is impossible; this is the currency we trade.

We release the shackles and are free.

This anthology explores the heart-wrenching journey each author overcame with inspiring strength and raw emotion. Bringing the depth of their own unique traumatic conflicts to each chapter, they each navigated challenges and risks to release all that was holding them back. Each author has also faced the consequences of hiding in their shame and now stand in an awe inspiring truth that breaking their silence created. Forging their own paths, they have released themselves from the chains of doubt, pain and trauma to reveal their innate power and strength.

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Justine Martin and other courageous authors in this book tell their stories with open hearts and minds. They share their struggles, pain, and ultimately their triumphs to go from victim to victory to become the victorious people they are today.

Producer and Global Podcaster, Tracey Cook, has assembled this group of amazing people to bring you the first of what will become a series to inspire and encourage us to keep going, to keep striving, to become our best selves. Each of these authors has persevered through difficult times, some overcoming debilitating injuries and ailments, some surviving unimaginable abuse, and many suffering tremendous loss. Their stories, while unique to them, offer universal truths. They shine a light on the troubles and difficulties so many of us must endure. They show us that we too can survive.

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Discover the compelling narratives within the Hear Us Roar series as these voices unite to reveal their personal journeys, all in the spirit of uplifting and inspiring others.

Whether their story is on Courage and Perseverance, Stealth and Faith, Power and Intuition, or any theme in this series they will introduce you to a diverse array of co-authors from across the globe, each with unique paths to success, but a shared commitment to baring their souls and sharing their stories.

Are you prepared to experience the resounding power of our collective voices? Get ready to Hear Us Roar.


Alison Bannister, Amanda Thompson, Annie Gibbins, Dr Aparna Baruah, Bianca F Stawiarski, Billy Dib, Brad Walsh, Cath Molloy, Chiara Sharp, Ciara Lynch, Emma Weaver, Fleur Chambers, Genine Howard, Glenn Marsden, Holly Rose Holland, Joanne Colely, Jonathan Weaver, Justine Martin, Kamila Hur, Karen Weaver, Karen Perks, Kelly Van Nelson, Kerry Ridley, Lisa Benson, Liz Hicklin, Michelle Weitering, Miranda Murray, Nicole Whitty, Pete Cohen, Sandy Davies, Sonee Singh, Stacey Webb, Steve Rodgers, Dr Tanjia Coleman, Tom Smyth, Tracey Regan, Vikki Speller

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Justine Martin
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