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Empowering Authors, Publishing Dreams

The MORPHEUS WRITING GROUP is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, creativity, and camaraderie awaits you. Within our welcoming community, aspiring authors find a sanctuary where vulnerability and courage converge to weave compelling narratives. 

Led by the seasoned author of multiple books, Justine Martin, our writing group fosters an environment of growth through vibrant discussions. Here, you can nurture your writing skills, uncover your unique voice and cultivate your distinct style.

Morpheus Writing Group

Engage in the exhilarating process of sharing your work with fellow writers and receiving thoughtful feedback that propels your stories to new heights. This constructive exchange not only refines your craftsmanship but also fuels your confidence to embrace authenticity and transcend creative boundaries.


Beyond the realm of creative interactions, Morpheus extends its support to encompass professional publishing services, including editing and cover design. We are dedicated to ensuring your literary work meets the highest standards before it reaches its audience.

Embark on this captivating journey with us, where your aspirations of becoming a published author evolve into reality. At Morpheus, we take pride in offering an accessible platform that is both Australian-owned and affordable, allowing writers to flourish without unnecessary hindrances.

Morpheus Writing Group Program


The Writing Group Program is an extraordinary opportunity to unlock your writing potential and flourish under the expert guidance of renowned author and writing coach Justine Martin. 

The Monthly Program includes;

  • 4x 1:1 1/2-hour sessions, where Justine will delve into your writing aspirations, offering tailored advice and feedback that will ignite your creativity.

  • 2x Inner Circle 1-hour group sessions. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Morpheus Writing Group community - exchange ideas and find inspiration in collective creativity.

  • This program isn't just about writing; it's a holistic journey of growth, connection and skill refinement. Elevate your craft, overcome challenges, and embrace the path to becoming a confident, accomplished author. 


Writing classes run virtually on Zoom nationally and internationally

Invest in your writing future with our Monthly Writing Program and embark on a transformative adventure today.

Monthly Writing Program: $250

​Is there a masterpiece waiting to burst out of you?
Make 2024 the year you bring that book to life!

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Whether it's fiction, non-fiction or a children's book your story deserves to be told.

Set your creativity free and embark on the thrilling journey of writing a book. This year, let your words create worlds, characters, and unforgettable moments. 

Join the ranks of authors who turned their dreams into reality.

Share with us: What's the story you're itching to write? 

Our Clients Say

14. Penelope Gemmell.png
"I wanted to thank you for setting up the Morpheus Writers Inner Circle Group. You have created a group of potential, new, and published authors who have a safe and positive place to share ideas, triumphs, and challenges. The group is made up of people with a variety of life experiences and interests who simply want to tell their stories and support others who want to tell theirs. For me, being part of this group has been like opening an old wooden door and discovering the creatively rich world of writing behind it.

Again, thank you."

Penelope, Writer 

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