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Kristi Paschalidis

Author | Senior Internal Recruiter | Qualified Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Kristi Paschalidis is an accomplished senior internal recruiter with over 11 years of experience across multiple industries. She holds a B. Social Science degree, majoring in Human Resource Management from UNSW. Additionally, Kristi is a qualified Diversity and Inclusion specialist.

In 2015, Kristi married her husband and they have been blessed with two beautiful children who bring immense joy to her life.

At the age of 13, Kristi was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has since faced the challenges of living with this "invisible disease." Despite the obstacles, she successfully completed high school and university while actively maintaining a social life and travelling. Over time, as her symptoms progressed, Kristi learned to adapt, and remains hopeful for a cure. Initially, she kept her diagnosis private, however, she has now embraced her role as an MS Ambassador, speaking at various MS community functions to educate others and raise awareness of MS. Kristi also provides support to individuals who have been diagnosed with MS, understanding firsthand how overwhelming the journey can be. Her mantra for others has always been, "We can't be a superhero every day. There are days when being human is more than enough."




Whispers of Resilience: Our MS Stories brings together 26 poignant tales from Australia, each sharing a unique journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Through personal accounts, the book unravels the intricate realities of MS, giving a human touch to the condition. Each story becomes a beacon of resilience, contributing to an inspiring collective portrait of hope and fortitude. The authors hail from diverse backgrounds, transforming their shared condition into a wellspring of courage. These resilient voices convey a powerful message: "We are more than our diagnosis." Inviting readers into their world, they reveal not just the challenges of MS, but also the extraordinary strength and resilience it invokes. In the Pages of this book, you'll find stories of courage, resilience and hope from individuals touched by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As we delve into the lives of these brave souls, we are reminded of the immense challenges that MS presents and the impact it has on those living with the condition, and their loved ones it is with a profound sense of purpose that we have chosen to give back to the MS community. With every copy, sold 25% of the proceeds will be dedicated to MS research. Our commitment is to fold to raise awareness about a mess, and its far-reaching effects and to contribute to the scientific advancements that one day lead us to a cure!

MS is a disease that can strike at any stage of life. Its symptoms are unpredictable, and diverse from numbers and tingling to fatigue and mobility issues. The challenges faced by those with MS are varied as the people themselves. It affects their ability to work study, and engage in everyday activities, taking a toll on physical, emotional and mental well-being. Our collective efforts matter by purchasing this book, you become a part of something bigger, a community of compassion and determination together we can make strides in MS research, supporting the scientist and clinicians tightly working to improve the lives of those affected by this condition join us on this journey, a journey of giving back spreading awareness and inspiring changes. Together we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those living with MS and their families.  

Featuring Authors: Emma Archer,  Diane Barclay,  Leanne Boothroyd,  Allyson Brown,  Amanda Campbell,  Don Campillie,  Angharad Candlin,  Nina Crumpton,  Lillian Cuba, Colleen Daniels,  Laura Di Lulio,  Kim Eagle,  Jayne England,  Penelope Gemmell, Candice Graham,  Robyn Hart,  Justine Martin,  Stacey Metcalf,  Elizabeth Nea,l  Kristi Paschalidis,  Clare Reilly,  Tanya Rountree,  Kerrie Sculac, Lachlan Terry,  John Van De Putt, Beth Wurcker.

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Kristi Paschalidis
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