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In collaboration with Rivers Gift – Australia’s solely SIDS-focused charity – Morpheus Publishing proudly launches its latest book "Finding Hope". Renowned children's book author and illustrator, Justine Martin, showcases her captivating storytelling and hand-painted illustrations in Finding Hope. Known for her dedication to creating each character and their personality, Justine's work not only entertains but also supports the charity's mission and raises awareness for SIDS.


Justine Martin is a renowned children's book author and illustrator, celebrated for her dual talents as an award-winning artist and bestselling author. With seven highly regarded books to her name, including Amazon Best Sellers, Justine is recognised for her captivating storytelling and hand-painted illustrations – spending hours to create each character and their personality.


‘Finding Hope’ welcomes a special appearance by ‘Pansy the Dachshund’, the beloved character from Justine's initial children's book 'Same Same But Different'. Additionally, the mascot of popular children's band Mik Maks, Drums the Panda, makes a memorable visit. In ‘Finding Hope’, Justine crafts a narrative that encourages children to embrace optimism and resilience when confronting adversity. Her enchanting illustrations breathe life into the story, while her heartfelt storyline resonates with readers of all ages, touching their hearts with its sincerity … all whilst searching for hope.


Size: 216mm x 216mm

Pages: 36

Finding Hope

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