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A book that will delight, teach and inform childrenabout equality and inclusion. 

Written and illustrated by Justine Martin

Same Same But Different

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  • Artist, author, resilience coach and public speaker Justine Martin has released her first children's book, which tells a story of diversity and inclusion that everyone can understand.

    The Geelong resident had always wanted to publish her resilience and self-help books and children's books under her own business and has made this a reality with the simultaneous launch of Same Same But Different as well as her own imprint, Morpheus Publishing.


    Pansy helps children understand that we are all different but in so many ways we really are the same.


    The inspiration for Pansy came from Justine's own dachshund of the same name.


    When Justine's dachshund Pansy came into her life, she saw how popular she was when people came to visit... and Pansy, in true puppy style, loved and played with everyone equally; that unconditional love animals ooze.


    "Then an idea came to Justine - how can people be more accepting of others, just like animals are with everyone?


    "The book explores this through the eyes of Pansy, that although we are all different in size, height, colour and race... we really are all the same, we are all Same Same But Different"

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