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Is Entering Awards Just About Ego?

In the fast-paced world of business, where every decision is scrutinised and every

success celebrated, it's natural to wonder about the motivations behind seeking

recognition through awards. Is it simply an exercise in stroking one's ego, or does it

hold deeper significance?

At first glance, the notion of entering awards solely for ego gratification seems

plausible. After all, who doesn't enjoy a pat on the back or a moment in the

spotlight? However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the decision

to enter awards is often driven by a multifaceted blend of motives, far beyond mere


One of the most compelling reasons businesses pursue awards is validation. In an

increasingly competitive landscape, where trust and credibility are paramount,

external validation from impartial judges can provide reassurance to both

customers and stakeholders. Winning an award serves as tangible evidence of

excellence, affirming that a business's efforts have been recognised and celebrated

by its peers.

Moreover, awards offer invaluable opportunities for exposure and brand elevation. Far from being egotistic endeavours, they serve as strategic marketing tools,

amplifying a business's visibility and positioning it as a leader within its industry.

The prestige associated with winning awards can attract new customers, partners

and investors, driving growth and expansion.

Beyond validation and exposure, participation in awards programs fosters a culture

of excellence and continuous improvement within organisations. The rigorous

evaluation process prompts self-reflection, spurring businesses to identify areas

for growth and innovation. Even in cases where victory eludes them, the feedback

garnered through the submission process can be instrumental in refining strategies

and enhancing performance.

Furthermore, entering awards is not solely about individual accolades; it's also

about celebrating the collective achievements of teams and organisations. Winning

an award is a testament to the hard work, dedication and expertise of everyone

involved, from frontline employees to senior executives. It fosters a sense of pride

and unity galvanising teams and inspiring them to reach even greater heights.

While the desire for recognition undoubtedly plays a role in the decision to enter

awards, it would be simplistic to reduce it to a mere ego boost. Awards represent

far more than vanity—they are symbols of validation, opportunities for growth

and celebrations of collective achievement.

SO, the next time you consider entering your business for an award, remember

that it's not just about ego—it's about excellence, aspiration and the pursuit of

greatness. Find out more on “how to” by the experts here


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