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1. Time Constraints:

While it's true that entering awards requires time and effort, the potential benefits often outweigh the investment. Winning an award can provide invaluable recognition, credibility and opportunities for networking and business growth. Moreover, the process of preparing an award submission can help clarify your achievements, strengths and goals, which can be valuable for personal or professional development. Book a free chat with the experts

2. Perceived Eligibility Criteria:

It's important not to self-select out of opportunities based on perceived eligibility criteria. Many awards have categories designed to recognise a diverse range of achievements and judges often value innovation, impact and passion as much as traditional metrics like company size or revenue. Even if you're unsure whether you meet all the criteria, it's worth investigating further or reaching out to the award organisers for clarification. Learn more

3. Fear of Rejection or Failure:

Fear of failure is natural, but it's essential to remember that entering awards is not just about winning. The act of putting yourself or your work forward for consideration is a significant achievement in itself. It demonstrates confidence in your abilities and a commitment to excellence. Even if you don't win, the feedback received during the process can be valuable for refining your skills and strategies for future opportunities.

Ultimately, entering awards is a proactive step towards recognising and celebrating your achievements, building credibility and opening doors to new opportunities. It's about embracing challenges, showcasing your talents and contributing to your personal and professional growth.

Have a go today, step out of your comfort … what have you got to lose?

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